Planter boxes for erosion and flowers

Derek Zhang,
Troop 155, Fremont

My Eagle Project was building two planter boxes in Tule Ponds to eventually hold plants. These two boxes are held on a slope filled with invasive species, so first, I had to get volunteers to clear the bush area, which took ~4 hrs. Later, my dad and I went to dig some holes to create a blueprint of where we would put the boxes, measure the dimensions, and calculate the supplies needed. Afterward, my dad and I went to Home Depot to select pieces of wood, then took it to get it cut into the desired dimensions so we could maximize the amount of wood cut from one piece. Later, we built the two boxes with volunteers and attempted multiple times to fit the planter box into pre-dug holes. My dad and I then went to purchase the concrete, fix the depth of the holes, then finally poured in the concrete, filled out the edges, and put in some wood chips. 

   area before starting leveling area for  retaining wall
The people who helped me were my dad, friends, fellow scouts, and people at Tule Ponds.
finished retainer planters


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