Clearing a Trail along Creek behind Tule House

Nikhil Dewitt
Troop 199, Fremont

For my project, I cleared a trail of about 15 yards going from an existing path next to the Tule House to the creek. We started off by using a power saw and loppers to cut down the trees. Then, once we made it to the path along the creek, we dug up some remaining roots along the path we cleared. Then, we marked off the trail using logs, and we trimmed some blackberries both next to and along the path. Finally, we laid wood chips along the path to prevent stuff from growing over it in the future.

   area before starting starting to clear area
I would like to thank my parents, Pooja and Preston Dewitt, for helping me out with both planning and executing this project. In addition, I would like to thank my scoutmaster, Mr. Clayson, for helping me plan the project and serving as my project coach. Finally, I would like to thank the following scouts from my troop who came and helped me with my project: Rushil, Veer, Rohan, Yuvit, Yaesh, Alex, Rithwik, Siddharth, Romil, Kanishk, Aariv, Felipe, Daniel, Jeremy, Brandon, and Ayush.
                    spreading wood chips putting logs to define the path

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