Raised Garden Beds for Tule Ponds Butterfly Sanctuary

Justin Khoury,
Troop 152, Fremont

My project at Tule ponds consisted of creating a sustainable butterfly sanctuary at Tule Ponds by constructing two raised garden beds. In advance of arriving at Tule ponds, we constructed the garden beds with 4-x-6 feet planks with 4-x-4 inch posts that are 3 feet in length. Each post would be placed on the inside corner of the garden beds. Our first task when we arrived at Tule Ponds was to clear out the invasive weeds in the area where we would place the garden beds. At the beginning of the project there were only 5 volunteers. Our progress was slow and as more volunteers arrived, we were able to clear out the weeds and began making the holes where the garden bed posts would go. This task was slow as we only had 2 hole diggers to dig 8 holes. But once all the holes had been dug, we placed the garden bed posts in the holes, and then we created a batch of cement and filled in each of the holes which completed the project.

   area before starting clearing area
I would like to thank all the participants for coming to my project and taking a majority of their weekend to see the project through to completion. Many of the participants worked for over 6 hours going from 7:00 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. I am proud of the participants for continuing work even as it began to rain and then shower on us as we were clearing out the invasive weeds and digging the holes for the garden beds. Iím grateful for the parents for dropping off the scouts so early in the morning, and taking their own time to help in the completion of the garden beds, such as dropping off the necessary supplies to finish the project, helping put both garden beds into the dug holes, and helping in digging the holes. Without the help of the participants and their parents I would never have finished my project and I am so thankful that they came.        .
                                getting area for installation of planter boxes installing planter boxes


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