Picnic Benches for Pergola Area near Nursery
Lampert Diep
Troop 101 , Milpitas

In order to help young students better understand the environment, I led a group of workers in building four benches for a local school. The benches will act as a learning aid for students to be able to learn outdoors while staying in touch with nature. The benches were created over a course of two weeks and occurred in three phases: cutting/sawing, connecting/drilling together, and applying a waterproof finish.

where to built

dicussing dimensions

Thank you to everyone who helped out. Thank you to: Andy Diep, Hoan Chau, Amy Chau, Kim Chau, and Connie Diep. Special thanks to Dr. Blueford for approving the project and my parents for supporting me.

measuring  laying out the table

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