Building of a New Trail along BART Parking Lot

Rohan Prakash
Troop 153, Fremont


The goal of my project was to clear up a space of land along the fence bordering BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to make a trail usable for all people of different ages. The 8ft by 365ft plot of land was removed of weeds and mulch was properly placed on the newly cleaned ground. The 4-inch layer of chips was used to cover the few roots still present in the ground, and make it so any other plants underneath from rising back up so the trail will be nice and clean, and easy to walk on.

Scouts are removing weeds with their hands, and also with shovels

Here we have scouts putting mulch into buckets so it can be moved up onto the trail.

My project benefits our community and the Tule Ponds so people can walk on my trail and learn more from this distinct view of Tule Ponds. We removed many weeds which are not native to California and eliminated them, thus making a beautiful pathway.

I would like to thank Scouts for helping me on my project: Akhil Prakash, Shaurin Desai, Connor Williams, Jo Melville, Rohit Ravi, Ritesh Ravi, Sundeep Tomar , Rikin Ajmera, Mohit Asthana, Ernest Wong, Eric Lin, Ashwin Khurana, Quess Liu, Peter Kim, Aatash Parikh , Daniel Edelman, Aneesh Saha, Karthik M. ,and Mihir Bhagat.

 I would also like to thank the following adults for their time and the effort they put in making my eagle project possible, my parents Charu and Deepak Prakash, John Prior and Debbie, and Dr. Joyce Blueford.

These 2 scouts understand the importance of teamwork, and are using this skill affectively.

This is what the trail looks like now it is smooth and easy to walk on

Hours I spent in planning and in preparation for the project: 70 Hours
Total Labor Hours to complete the trail: 222 Hours


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