Trail on West
side of Pond B

Pranav Gona
Troop 154, Fremont

For my eagle project, I created a trail on the West Side of Pond B. The trail is 150 feet long and 6 feet wide, along with 10 feet of height clearance. The trail is also lined with logs and covered with mulch.   The main purpose of my trail is to allow visitors to see further into Tule Ponds, specifically a better view of Pond B. The trail will enable many visitors, especially children, to view the vast wildlife that resides in proximity to the pond. While creating my trail, one of the major struggles I faced was the immense amount of debris and dead brush obstructing the pathway. However, with the use of a chainsaw, we were able to accelerate the clearing of the pathway and solve this problem. Furthermore, while creating our trail, we removed invasive/non-native plants, such as the thorny and dangerous Himalayan blackberry to protect the natural and native resources at Tule Ponds.  We also used short logs, which we embedded into the dirt alongside the trail to clearly define the boundaries. Finally, we placed mulch to prevent weed growth, improve soil health, and highlight the trail. This eagle project truly was a joy to do; being able to aid the community and protect the environment was an especially rewarding experience.  
   area before project working on the trail

I would like to thank:
Dr. Blueford for the opportunity to help my community at Tule Ponds
●      Cresco Rentals for the tools supplied
●      Mr. Mohan for guiding me throughout the process of my Eagle project
●      Scout volunteers: Akshay Gona, Rahul Prakash, Rohit Mandal, Ishan and Rohan Shukla, Joel Johnson, Rikhil Seth, Adithya Kancharappu, and Raghav Kancharappu.
●      Adult volunteers: Mr. Prakash Sangappa, Mr. Adhir Mandal, Mr. Pratyush Seth, and Ms. Anuradha Duddu Finally, I would like to thank my parents, who, without their help, support, time, and dedication, I could not have completed my project. 

                                     helpers finished trail