Extend the Maze in the Canopy area
 Kavin Varadharajulu
Troop 269, Fremont

This project is to Extend the Maze by clearing out the invasive blackberry bushes, brush and dead wood & developing trails in the Canopy Area. On Day 0 (11/4), I went to mark the area, inspect/count the tools & gloves, identify the saplings, and ensure that we were ready to start. On day 1, I led a team of volunteers to clear out an extensive, dense area of blackberry bushes with thorns that led to the shore of Tyson lagoon. As we cleared up the path, we uncovered opportunities to create two additional trails to complete the maze. On Day 2, we marked out where the trails would go in and come out of the brush to connect with the main trail. I also led the team to clear out 2/3rd of the trail, dead wood, overhanging trees and we hauled out logs and debris. By end of session 3, trail 1 and 2 were completed. We removed an old steel post on the path so patrons could have a clear walkway. During session 4, we opened up the pathway to the main trails by cutting/clearing dead blackberry bushes. We planted 3 Willow saplings and used the logs to define and mark the trails. Ultimately, we had opened up the pathway in order to create a trail to Tyson lagoon and we had created 3 trails to complete the maze in the canopy area.  

removing roots of blackberry

clearing area

I gathered the help of my troop, crew and school mates, my friends and family for this project and we completed the project in 4 sessions, spending 4 hours per session over a period of 2 days.  On November 5th, 2017 I had Nicholas Beninato, Serena Lee, Smrithi Surender, Umarani Manoharan, Varadh Julu, Nithi Surender, Surender Chenneerappa, Amutha Venkat, P.N. Saraswathi, V.T. Balasubramanian, Lalli Varadh. On November 12th, 2017 I had Smrithi Surender, Preethi Bathula, Aarati Sarikonda, Nithi Surender, Surender Chenneerappa, Umarani Manoharan, Varadh Julu, Amutha Venkat, Nicholas Powers, Rylan Geer, Anirudh Rao, Usha Venkataraman, Santosh Mankala, Nicholas Beninato, Jack Rellamas,Thomas Colvin, Myra Colvin, Jim Colvin, Selvi Ravi, Nitin Perumal, Ravi Perumal. Ananth Sundaravel , Sindhu Ananthvel, Shruti Ananthvel, Saravana Suthanthira, Prakash Narasimhalu, Tejas Prakash, Tarun Prakash, P.N. Saraswathi, V.T. Balasubramanian, Lalli Varadh.

leveling area removing non native trees

I want to thank my Eagle project coach: Steve Rodriggs, Scoutmaster: Alan Tarnowski, and Committee Chair: Steve Pierce who helped me to plan out the project successfully. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Blueford for giving me the opportunity to help out at Tule Ponds.

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