Stairs to Pond C from Classroom
Calvin Chen
Troop 111, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I built a set of curved stairs leading from the classroom down to Pond C. The goal of these stairs was to provide safe access down to Pond C for visitors who wanted to get a closer view of the pond. In order to build these stairs, I used many of the other stairs at Tule Ponds as examples, testing them to see which stairs felt comfortable to use. After gathering my data, I began the process of teaching my volunteers the steps for building the stairs: digging out dirt, tamping, etc. Before the project, there was only a grassy slope down to the pond, but within a couple minutes, we had begun transforming the area into the stairs it would eventually become, and I hope that you will have a chance to visit my work.

area before project

clearing area

Id like to thank everyone who came out to my project or otherwise made my project possibleId like to thank my parents especially, Hwarung Chen and Wenling Chiu: my father for coming out to supervise and volunteer and my mother for providing the food. Id also like to thank them for all their support and for helping me stick to schedule. In addition, Id like to thank all the youth volunteers who were a part of this project: Adrian Jaycox, Aijit Narayanan, Alex Spry, Andy Mueller, Anson Liu, Caroline Chen, Christopher Ha, Hamilton Trinh, Joshua Lu, Justin Juan, Melissa Zhuang, Nicholas Fong, Shivam Parikh, and Stefan Wooding, as well as the adults who came out to help: Biyong Chen, Hwarung Chen, Ron Fong, Steve Juan, and Wenling Chiu. Of course, I also have to thank Dr. Blueford for providing the opportunity and teaching me along the way.

placing stairs putting chips and gravel

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