Retaining walls for plants to stop erosion facing east on Pond C

Anshul Arunachalam
Troop 125, Fremont

          My Eagle project was to build a retaining wall near Pond C to prevent erosion. This will help ensure that the path remains intact during the rainy season and help reduce the amount of soil falling into the pond.  The retaining wall includes three sets of posts dug in a semi-circular fashion around a coffeeberry plant. To build it, we used logs from fallen trees and sawed them into desirable sizes. We also cleared the worksite of all non-native brush. We then dug holes for the posts and a hole at the center for the plant. After placing the posts and plants in the ground, we put a layer of woodchips on the worksite.

start of project, lots of vegetation

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped: Derek F., Darren L., Michael K., Ritam N., Andrew Z., Arnav C., Alan Y., Ryan Q., Shreyas A., Prakrit R., Mrinaal R., Akul S., Ravi P., Derek L., Jayden G., Anjan D., Jacob H., Dhruv B., Ganesh M., Aditya A., Asutosh J., Mr. Gravett, Mr. Arora, Mr. Ramalingam, and Mrs. Arunachalam.

                                     clearing area putting in log terraces for plants


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