Natural Retaining wall to prevent erosion at Site 6
Abhay Aggarwal
Troop 379, Fremont

My Eagle Project consisted of creating two parallel retention walls on a hillside in Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, mainly to prevent erosion along the trail. My project began by first clearing the hillside of the brush, namely the blackberry bushes and the small tree that had inhabited the site. I then had to prepare the site by drilling postholes using an auger across the hillside, going 3 feet deep for a solid foundation. We then placed the completed sections of the retention wall (there were 4 in all) into the postholes, using quick-dry concrete to strengthen the wall. The terraces that were created as a result then had to be leveled with soil, along with additional log walls along the edges to prevent erosion. The final stage was to cover the area with woodchips and plant shrubs to naturally hold down the hillside.
area before terracing clearing area

 This project would not have been possible without the support of certain organizations throughout this process. The first was of course the Tule Ponds Wetland Center that graciously provided monetary support and the tools and support necessary throughout the construction. Cresco Xpress was also very helpful, providing both the chainsaw and auger free-of-charge to me as a Scout, reducing our costs. The bulk of the workforce consisted of scouts from my troop, Troop 379, who came every weekend to help finish the project. I would also like to thank my parents and Dr. Blueford for helping throughout this rewarding experience.

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