Leveling picnic area and landscaping between parking lot and Pond C
Alex Kuo
Troop 153, Fremont

 There was a picnic bench located in a seasonably troublesome spot. Whenever it rains, MSN is prevented from running it's activities there. I led a group of workers in creating a leveled site made of compacted dirt and gravel to support the bench. The site was also made on higher ground to avoid potential problems with depositing rain water. We also created an additional 3 leveled sites of compacted dirt, separating each one with wooden railroad ties. The milkweed plants that we planted adjacent to the bench site will add to aesthetic appeal and provide food for the Tule Pond's caterpillars.

area before landscaping

creating steps and log retainer
Thanks to everyone that helped out!  6/20/15: Joshua Liu, Zachary Wang, Ryen Teo, Saurabh Kamble, Stanley Chiang, Srinath Goli 7/17/15: Ethan Hsu, David Lin, Zachary Wang, Saurabh Kamble, Ryen Teo 8/8/15: Zachary Wang, Jonathan Chao 8/11/15: Lindsay Yang, Kevin Zhang, Saurabh Kamble, Hershal Bhatia

chipping area planting milkweed

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