Stabilizing Berm to Prevent Winter Floods

Victor Shih
Troop 125, Fremont


For my Eagle project, I planned to, with the help of my troop, excavate the creek between a small pond and the big pond at Tule Pond. The creek has been flooding over in the past, and needed to be dug deeper, have its sides elevated, and be cleared of any blockage to the creek. The creek was to be dug in such a way so that the sides are much more elevated and stay so in the face of natural erosion.

The first step of the project was to clear away dead willow trees in the area, as they cannot survive due to other trees blocking their access to sunlight. These trees needed to be trimmed and cleared from the creek. Then, the removal of excess objects in
the dried up creek took place, as there are many large logs that should be moved out of the creek. Then, the creek was ready to be dug deeper with basic digging tools, and then using that soil, we elevated the sides of the creek so that the water will not be able to flow over it. The logs lifted out earlier were used as the borders of the parts of the creek that needed to be elevated so the dirt was not washed away 

Area before project during the summer

Moving soil

In the end, the project was a success. Many people from the troop came and helped out in the work. A chainsaw was used in the cutting of trees and a rototiller was used to loosen up soil before we brought it up to be used to elevate the sides.

Softening the creek bed

The finished product

Special Thanks to Workers: Rich Cummins, Cheng Chung Shih, Victor Shih, Nick Collison, Ballint Forgo, Rick Collison, Ian McElligot, Mr. McElligot, Mr. Forgo, John Priou, Mr. Cooper, Matt Andersen, Nick Andersen, Teddy Hansen, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Andersen, Forrest Morttock, Chris Hand, Mr. Hand and Daniel Chu.


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