Making a New Trail along Walnut Ave and BART

Ricky Lee
Troop 273

For my Eagle Leadership Service Project, I led a group of volunteers to make a new trail to an observation.  This new trail replaced the original one that floods during the winter and rainy season.  With this new trail, young children are kept out of harmís way while traveling to the observation point.  To finish this project, we had to clear out the vegetation where the new trail would be, level out the land, spread wood chips over the trail and construct steps leading up to the trail.

 This project took one day to finish and a total of 156 hours including all individual volunteersí time spent on the project.

Area before project

Volunteers: Kyle Suppes, Andrew Berger, Patrick Berger, Ivan Hui, Kevinjeet Gill, Wesley Welcome, Michael Gutierrez, Daniel Drake, Adrian Lee, Shiran Sukamar, Henry Wong, Mr. Jonathan Lee, Ms. Charmaine Lee, Mr. Munchun Seto, Ms. Amy Wong, Mr. Simon Lee, Mr. Keith Hui, Mr. Vy Le and Mr. Steve Cox

I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for giving me the opportunity to do this project and everyone who came to help me complete it. 

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