Building and Installing Student Benches at Butterfly Meadow
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

By Brian Reeb
Troop 112

My project was designing, building, painting and installing 4 student benches at the Station 5 Butterfly Meadow.  The project also included removing the weeds at the project site and landscaping the area with woodchips to help prevent the weeds from growing back.

The funding for this project was provided by The Math Science Nucleus. The City of Palo Alto Water Quality Control Plant provided the wood chips.

My project was completed thanks to the following people: My brother Danny, Jenner Banks, John Kochly, Brennan Moore, Chris Baun, Alex Baun, Mark Uhlig, Blaine Story, Erik Schenck, Candice Elgin, Carly Elgin, Hailey Elkhover, Kevin Tobin, my Mom and Dad.

 I would also like to thank Dr. Joyce Blueford for her help and time.

Before Work Began Painting Bench Boards

Setting Posts

My Work Crew

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