Building a Trellis and Bench in Remote Area

Alex Kiehl
Troop 124

For my Eagle Scout project I constructed a bench and a trellis in a remote area near the center the Tyson Lagoon waterfront.  The bench will serve as a resting place for nature observers on their travel around the ponds.  In addition to providing shade for the bench, the trellis will serve as a hidden abode for birds.  Even before the project was completed, it had also become a favorite a place for wild raccoons to climb up on the top of the trellis where they and the resident heron like to dine on crawdads they catch in the ponds.  It is interesting that the trellis and bench are not visible from most parts of the refuge.  The entire project took over 150 hours to complete.

Area Needs to be Cleared of Weeds

Much of Construction Done at Home

Many thanks to the generous donations from Hulbertís Lumber, Dale Hardware, and the Math and Science Nucleus.  Thank you also to my numerous helpers:  Danny Cheong, Garret Murai, Natalie Murai, Jim Hiramine, Grant Hiramine, Jennifer Kiehl, Joyce Kiehl, and Geoffrey Kiehl.


Completed Project View from the Side Completed Project View from behind Trail

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