Making a pergola entrance to extend butterfly meadow
Landon Nguyen
Troop 101, Fremont

The Monarch butterflies in California dramatically declined, an estimate of 74% in the past two decades. My Eagle project is to provide a home for the butterflies, as well as to preserve and show the future generation what mother nature has to offer. With native plants around the area to help attract, nurture, and grow the butterfly population in Tule Ponds. The pergola was built at the entrance near Station 4 to extend the butterfly meadow. I came out to work on the project for a total of 4 times in the span of 8 months, with long periods in between due to bad weather. Many thanks to Augustine Doan, my parents, and especially Dr. Blueford for approving and supporting the project.

putting up beams

preparing top


finishing touches


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