Installing Irrigation System in Butterfly Meadow
Alan Nguyen
Troop 654 , San Jose

My project consisted of digging trenches around the butterfly garden to lay down a sprinkler system to provide effective and efficient irrigation to the butterfly garden.  To do so, I had to dig the trenches, lay down the pipe system, and fix sprinklers to key locations

My projected was daunting and laborious, however, we completed ahead of schedule thanks to the spectacular help I received from my wonderful team of volunteers.

Area before irrigation

Placing pipe across the width of meadow

Thank you to these people:

 Scouts and Friends: Daniel Vu, Dennis Huynh, Michelle Duong, Ginna Lo, Cecilia Ng, Phi Nguyen, Vincent Vo, Alex Lim, Alvin Phan, Greg Huey

 Adults: Clint Johns, Jeffrey Nelson, Duy Vu, Phuoc Le, Thomas Trang, Giao Bui Le, Dr. Joyce Blueford, and especially Nelson Kirk!

 Special thanks to TriCity Ecology Center and Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District for funding the purchase of equipment.

  Installing system for new planting beds All the garden is now watered on this system

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