Construction of Cold Frames for the Butterfly Meadow at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon


by Gordon Mak

Abstract:  My Eagle Scout Service project  is the  construction of six Cold Frames and installing them at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon located at 1999 Walnut Avenue, right next to the Fremont Bart Station.

Cold Frames are basically a wooden box type structure that has a top on it with either glass, plastic or it can be a lath to replace the glass in the summer. These cold frames act as a type of miniature green house. The wall in the back of it reflects sunlight and shields against winter winds. These cold frames will be slightly raised off the ground to let water flow freely and to prevent the wood from rotting away. Also these cold frames are portable so they can be moved or stored according to the conditions of the park. These cold frames will be used at the butterfly meadow as a station where school kids can plant seeds for their own plants and watch them grow over time. This will also help diversify and help repopulate native plants that are being overtaken by non-native plants.
The entire project took about a 60 man hours to complete this project from beginning to end including the prototype and work sessions. 

The people who helped:

Tim O'Neill, Sylvia Mak, Chit Mak, Gregory O'Neill, Zackary Kocik, Andrew Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, Ron Barrett, Michael Barrett, Larry Seymour, Scott Seymour, Jarod Fluke, Mr. Fluke, Wilson Lam, Geofferey Lam, Michael Fern, Jeff Fern, Neil Desai, and Patrick Sorgaard,