Stairs and Landscaping Opposite Station 1 and 2
Joe Chen
Troop 111, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I made a trail across from Pond C. This trail will be connecting the two roads that are at different elevations. As children come to Tule Ponds, they will be able use this trail to explore Pond C, especially during the rainy season when the road at lower elevation is flooded. This trail is roughly 150 feet long with an erosion barrier, made of wood logs. To finish off the project, I have covered the trail with woodchips.

bottom part of trail

top part of trail

 A sincere thank you is necessary for everyone who assisted me on my project, let it be people who helped me with the write-up or physical project. I could not have written the project proposal without Mr. Fong, Mr. Crocker, Mr. Rasheed, and Mr. Nygren. I would also like to thank my parents Nick and Wendy Chen for their constant support (physically and financially) and supervision. I am extremely blessed with all my friends, fellow scouts, and adults who showed up to help me with the physical project: Charles Guan, Justin Juan, Josh Lin, Lawrence Wang, Nicholas Lin, Janice Lin, Stefan Wooding, Jason Lau, Mr. Lau, Brandon Lu, Ning Jeng, Neal Nguyen, and Sridhar Nyshadham. I could not have been able to finish it without them. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for not giving up on me, especially for procrastinating sixteen months on this project. It was definitely a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

digging the trail

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