Structure to Cover

Parth Mehta,
Troop 154, Fremont

 This past summer, I, Parth Mehta, worked on my Boy Scout Eagle Service Project in the summer of 2022 to help provide shade and shelter for the wheelbarrows of Tule Ponds and other materials. This project consisted of drilling holes into the rocky terrain using a power auger and setting four posts into these holes with concrete's aid. The roof was made of pressure-treated lumber, reinforced steel braces, and corrugated polycarbonate roofing. We built the structure 5 feet 10 inches on the back and 6 feet in height from the front. There was a difference in size to account for the downpour of rain and allow it to flow off easily. Additionally, the shelter is 96 inches in length and 96 inches in width. It can store up to 8-9 wheelbarrows simultaneously, exceeding the original expectation of 6 wheelbarrows.

   area before starting making holes for posts using an auger

I received a lot of help from companies, adult helpers, volunteers, my friends, and my parents. Lowes generously provided a 25% discount to the aid of purchasing my project materials which ranged from pressure-treated lumber to cement. Without their help and Cresco's help, this project's price tag would have skyrocketed. Cresco also lent their support in acquiring the tools necessary to complete this project for free, like a circular saw and a power auger. In addition to their help, I received assistance from my whole troop as they helped meet my fundraiser goals. Also, the adult leaders of my troop assisted me in various ways. Mr. Mohan helped set off my project on the right path and generously offered his power drill and impact driver. Mr. Nayak, Mr. Modi, and Dr. Blueford collectively helped offer their expert opinion on my blueprints and planning. My fellow Scouters and friends also helped me complete this project by volunteering to join me in the building process in return for environmental service hours. Lastly, I want to thank my parents, who set aside hours of their time to help me plan workdays, create blueprints, buy materials, and build the structure. Without the help of all these people, the end of my project would not have been achievable. So, I want to thank them all
                                                           securing the fiberglass cover Testing the structure for "rain"


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