Retaining Wall to support trail at Birdblind
Vittal Thirumalai
Troop 447, Fremont

 I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Gangam and Mr. Raghavan for working their backs out using the power auger. Even though drilling the first post hole took nearly an hour due to the hard ground, they were determined and kept going until all holes had been drilled completely. The power auger requires 2 adults to use according to Scout BSA's guidelines for safe tool usage, so we couldn't have done the project without them. I'd also like to thank my mom Mrs. Srinivasan for her continued motivation and support with my project, especially with helping me purchase materials and providing food for the workdays.

start of project drilling holes for retaining wall

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me with the project: Mrs. Srinivasan, Mr. Gangam, Neil, Vincent, Hunter, Mr. Raghavan, Nitin, Deren, Sashv, Alvin, Shreyas, Owen, Mrs. Cheong, Aditya, Mr. Therayil, Rishab, Elijah, Mr. Conners, Matthew, Mr. Phair, Mr. Gonzalez, Emily, and Mrs. Sinha. I also want to thank Dr. Blueford for providing me this opportunity at Tule Ponds and guiding me throughout the project. Thanks again for everyone's help and support in my project! 
putting retaining wall together finished area with new view of Tyson Lagoon

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