Erosion Control at Station 6
James Weiland
Troop 102, Fremont

I lead people in building 3 retaining walls out of logs. The walls were needed to support the tree's in the area, and prevent them from falling over because of erosion. On the first work day, I lead boys in digging 3 trenches for the walls. Then we set the logs in place for 2 of the retaining walls, filled it in with dirt, and packed the dirt together with a tamper, so that they were sturdy. Then we took all the leftover dirt and filled in the retaining wall. On the 2nd work day, I led people in re-digging the 3rd trench (it was filled back in while working on the other 2). Then we set the logs in place for the 3rd wall, filled it in with dirt, and used the tamper to pack it all together. Then we used the leftover dirt to fill in the retaining wall. During the third workday, I led people in in extending 2 of the retaining walls, to prevent erosion from pulling the dirt away from the retaining walls. Then we pulled out all the weeds around the wall. After that, we laid down mulch to make the area good for planting, and to make it look nice.


compacting area

Thanks to the following people who helped in the project: Joshua Pabst, Joseph Wiebe, Zachary Genthner, Jonathan Weiland, Ares Gonzales, Bryce W. Jung, Michael Wiebe,  Jim Colvin, Mayra Colvin, Christopher Colvin, Thomas Colvin, Lisa Weiland, Jeremy Vasquez, Bryce W. Jung , Preston Stevens, Vince Milani, Joe Ballard, Alex Makhratchev, Peter Gordon, Nick Milani, Dino Milani, Lisa Weiland, Joanna Weiland, and Leonor Martinez.

preparing retaining walls  finished area

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