Retaining Wall above inflow storm drains on Walnut

Soumay Garg
Troop 152, Fremont

Hi my name is Soumay Garg, and I have built a retaining wall at Tule, which is resting right above the storm drains. I have built this structure as part of my Eagle Project, and in an effort to reduce the damage done to a key trail by erosion. The retaining wall itself helps make the trail safer to tread upon, and helps prevent excessive soil loss and erosion due to rainfall. The wall itself is made of pressure treated wood and is properly anchored into the ground so that the wall has adequate structural stability. It is also coated in preservative to prevent rotting from occurring, which will help give the project some longevity. 

   removing brush from area making holes for retaining wall
I was assisted on this project by the wonderful volunteers from my troop, Troop 152. The names of the scouts who attended and aided me in the Eagle Project are as follows: Darius Motahari, Yash Sahni, Aidan Peter, Pranav Velupillai, and Tanmay Garg. I would also like to thank the adults who attended, as the project quite literally would have been impossible without your help, so a special thanks goes out to Mr. Sahni, Mr. Peter, and Mr. Motahari for attending and helping out immensely during the entirety of the project."
                    preparing wood for retaining wall finished retainer


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