Stairs in Butterfly
Meadow South

Eric Lambruschini
Troop 176, Fremont

For my eagle project, I constructed a staircase at the Tule Ponds inside of the butterfly meadow. The previous staircase was faulty and breaking apart. It was unsafe for children especially who are typically complacent to the dangers of their environment. The beginning of my project included assembling the team and acquiring the necessary resources to successfully complete the project. The necessary materials included: railroad ties, rebar, gravel, and mulch. The railroad ties were provided courtesy of the niles railroad company, I covered the cost of the rebar, and the gravel and mulch were provided by the Tule Ponds. After acquiring all of the necessary materials. I could commence with my first service project work day. On the first day, my team and I dug out the out stairs and landscaped the area directly next to it in order to allow for a wider pathway. We dug out the spots which the railroad ties would be placed and flattened the area. In the meanwhile, one of the members of my team was cutting the railroad ties into the proper dimensions with a ski saw. We finished up the workday by placing the railroad ties into the slots which we had dug out. On the second work day, my team and I drilled into the railroad ties and cut the rebar and malleted them into the ties to properly fasten them. We dug out the gravel and placed it in the area between each stair and wheel-barreled mulch to pour onto both sides of the staircase to add to the ascetic of the area. Finally, we watered down the area and flattened the gravel in order to solidify the staircase. 

   removing broken stairs digging in the new stairs

We had My team consisted of members of my current and previous troop. From troop 101, Leon Lambruschini, Jacob Magsalin, and David Denroy came out to help. From troop 176, Cole Kendell, Ryder Kendell, Drew Xavier, Dominic Xavier, Alexander Klein, Sattvik Kurani, and Khang Doan all volunteered to help out with the project. Additionally, this project would have not have been made possible without the guidance of my scoutmaster Mr Harter, and the assistance of the assistant scoutmaster Mr Kendell who lent us many of the necessary tools to properly execute the project. I would also like to thank Dr.  Blueford for giving me the opportunity for the eagle project and working with me throughout the entirety of it. 
                    splacing stairs wth gravel sides mulched and stairs almost finished


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