Building Feral Cat, Raccoon and Opossum Shelters

Nirmal Senthilkumar
Troop 153, Fremont

My eagle project was building shelters for feral cats, opossums. and raccoons at Tule Ponds. We built 4 shelters in total, and I built them with scouts from my troop and family friends. My eagle project consisted of first, planning how we will be building the structures, then making sure everyone knows how to use the tools needed to build the structures, and finally building and painting the structure. The scouts from Troop 153 came on August 29th and August 30th to help build the shelters, and my family friends helped build some of the shelters before that in early August.

  replacing old shelters getting ready to build

Some of the scouts that helped me during my eagle project are Parthdwaj, Aaryan, Nikhil, Shatkratu, Aamod, Rajorshi, Aarush, Aashrith, Yagnik, Himank, Pranav, and Girish, who all are from Troop 153. Art, a supervisor at Tule Ponds, also helped us by providing some paint and showing us where different utilities are. Also, Dr. Blueford helped us during the eagle project by providing a place to build the shelters, and guiding me throughout the process of planning out the shelters and deciding what would be necessary in the design of the shelter.
putting shelters together


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