Landscaping and Building Planter Beds at Station 2
Akhil Bhamidipati
Troop 112, Fremont

 My project will improve the condition of the Tule Ponds Wetland in my city. As Fremont expands, it is becoming increasingly hard to find good settings to relax and enjoy nature in. This is why we must preserve the existing ones. Currently, this section of the reserve is very boring and unattractive. That is why we need to clear out this area, landscape it for walking, and put planters on it. With all these improvements, this section of Tule Ponds will once again be a nice place to visit.  Although my project directly benefits Tule Ponds, its goal is to benefit the children of our community. 

clearing the area

some of bushes for green waste

I would like to thank  Lilly Sravya, Mrs. Brommer, Jamieson Devera, Jonathan Ng, Mohit Shah, Roanak Baviskar, Carlo Duque, Krishnan Arunkumar,Nikhil Nakka, Jamieson Devera, Nate Morjig, Gaurav Seth, Mr. Morjig, Krishnan Arunkumar, Jonathan Ng, Vignesh Pethuraj, Thomas Grass, Ryan Barikdar Mrs. Bhamidipati, and Mr. Bhamidipati. I would like to thank Jay Parry from Lowes for giving me a 25% on the wood and screws. This discount helped cut the cost of my project by about  $100. Jay also helped me select the proper wood and sizes.

building planters installing the planters

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