Erosion control between Pond C and Tyson Lagoon

Jeet Majumdar
Troop 154, Fremont


My eagle project involves making a level pathway at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon by removing a tree in the path, building a 32 foot long retaining wall, and filling the pathway with mulch. Currently, the pathway is very uneven and is sloping downwards which is a hazard to visitors of Tule Ponds. This has occurred due to the wind and water erosion from the recent rains and heavy winds we have had. I plan to remove a small tree that is in the way of the path and then building a 32 foot long retaining wall on the side of the pathway. This will prevent the soil from sliding down as the retaining wall will hold the soil in place, creating an even pathway. Then I will fill the uneven pathway with mulch to create a uniform, even path allowing all visitors to appreciate the wildlife while not having to worry about slipping on the sloping ground. 

   preparing the wood making holes for retaining wall

The person who worked alongside me for this project was my father, Samir Majumdar.
                    pulling posts in the ground making holes larger with breaker bar


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