Erosion Control near Creek 

Ansh Luthra
Troop 273 , Fremont


For my Eagle Project, I had to clear out an area near the creek and create terrace structures to prevent soil erosion. During the rainy season, the creek gets flooded, and the water sometimes gushes up to the adjacent area near the path and makes it slippery and dangerous. Also, much of the soil erodes and goes back into the creek. The goal of my project was to clear out the area and create traction to prevent erosion and make it more safe. My project was held in 2 phases and we started on April 10th , 2021 by pulling out all the wild vegetation growing in the area first. Then my team and I dug out 3 terrace structures and leveled them. On the 2nd day of the project, we were able to bring in concrete bags and align them to the edge of each step of the terrace to reinforce the structures. The final task was to poke holes in the bags of fast setting concrete and wet them completely so they would harden. We then lay a few rocks on the steps to further prevent run off.

   clearing area cement bags

I would like to thank my fellow scouts and adults from my Troop 273 - Ananth Junutula, Aditya Aiyer, Prajwal Goudar, Derek La, Varun Yelluru, Doug Fry, Ansh Jain, Rohan Sehgal, Amit Sriram, Mr.Junutula, Mr.Eraiah, Mr.Aiyer, Mr.Sriram and Mrs.Fry for helping me with the project. Scouts from Troop 220 - Bhoomika Sidda, Srihita Ponnam, Miraya Jain and Anohki Luthra also contributed towards this project in a big way. I am very thankful to Dr. Blueford for providing me with this amazing opportunity to give back to the community and Mr. Art Williams for always being there to assist with any questions or tools I needed. I hope my project helps with controlling erosion around the creek to preserve the native plants in the area and provide a safe path for visitors to Tule Ponds.
                                        carving terraces finished retainer with  view of Tyson Lagoon


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