Clearing Segment  and Grading parts of BART Trail

Daniel Chen
Troop 176, Fremont

My eagle project was to build a path going around one of math science nucleusí main ponds, Tysonís lagoon. This is a high traffic area for the young school kids to come in and out to get to their study area. The path was at a deep slope going right in to the water which made it a very dangerous area for young kids to be running through, especially with all the dead and fallen trees all around.

Trail was overgrown and difficult to walk

Crew leveling the trail

As I said before the whole path was literally surrounded by dead and out grown trees, so the first thing we had to do was to cut out all the dead and or non native trees. So I took my fist crew to collect all the tools for the day consisting of saws and branch clippers thinking this job would only take one day. Unfortunately cutting out trees was not as easy as we had initially thought, so we were forced to bring in the big guns (large axes) but even with the axes the project still took two work details to finish.

Hard working scouts taking a break

Finished trail, safe for visitors

Once the trees were out my team and I shoveled out the path to the right shape and bordered it with lumber from the trees we cut out and reinforced it with rebar. Then was the hard part, we needed to find a way to put in some steps, so we took two half circle pieces of wood and put it in its pre dug spot in the path then we reinforced it all with some more rebar, and covered it everything with wood chips. In all the whole work portion of the project took three Saturdays of about three or four hours (depending on the day and the workers).

I would like to thank a few people for their continuous help throughout this project for without them I would still be shoveling dirt at Tysonís lagoon all by my self. I would like to thank one of my families very good friends Don Onorati and his kids Jacob and Joseph Onorati and my parents who were there every day of the project and my good friends from the troop Chris Wilson, Kevin Jay, Matt Trieu, Brandon Dileanis, Alex Kunz, Austin, Jordan, and Virginia Wong. And last but not least a special thanks to Dr. Blueford for giving me this project and leading me through it all the way to the end.  

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