Building retaining wall to bird blind and landscaping
Evan Nusaputra
Troop 125 , Fremont

For my eagle project, I was tasked with building a log retaining wall to build a log retaining wall, about 20 foot long and 2 foot wide, to stop dirt from eroding onto a trail and to plant a native tree in the area. The logs are standing vertical, 1 foot in the dirt and about 2 feet sticking out of the dirt. Shrubs were cleared that was above the log retaining wall. After this, we dug a trench to put the logs in. The trench was about 20 feet long and was filled with the logs. The remaining space was filled with dirt to help keep the logs in place. Also, a native plant was planted above the wall. By making the log retaining wall and planting a native tree above the wall, the soil was bound together and helps to prevent erosion.

clearning area

placing logs

Thank you to all the people who showed up and helped me complete my project: Mr. Cooper, Mr. Goli, Phillip, Andrew, and Srinath. I wouldn't be able to complete the project without their help!

preparing retaining walls  finishing touches

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