Building a Tule Boat

Sophia Petrova
Troop 220, Fremont

We spent the first three weeks gathering tule, which we bundled and transported back to the base to lay out and dry. After that, we sorted out the tule and separated it into a total of five bundles- One big, two smaller, and two smaller than that. We split each bundle in half then put them back together again in opposite directions so that stalks tapered off in either direction with thicker stalks meeting in the middle. After putting a rod/stick inside for support, we bundled them multiple times with rope and old tule, creating five bundles. We weaved these five bundles together with the biggest as the bottom base, assembling the boat.

   bundling collecting tules
Volunteers: Yu, Valentin, Eugene, Victor, Inayat, Colin, Anya, Hafsa, Avni, Natalie, Zoe, Nithi, Bhoomika, Athira, Apoorva, Syrine (Troopmates as well as some personal friends).
                    making bundles to tie together the completed boat


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