Retaining Wall in
southend of Tyson Lagoon

Sujal Bobba
Troop 154, Fremont

My project involves building a 40 foot retaining wall along the riverbed in Tule Ponds. It's
purpose is to help prevent the eroded soil from washing away during the rainy times. In addition,
during the winter and when it starts raining the surface gets extremely slippery and the erosion
leads to an uneven pathway, pretty much making the path unusable. To prevent that, this wall is
being constructed to help keep the soil in place.

   clearning area putting in post for retaining wall
 In this project, I kept my volunteer group small and mainly had a group of 4 people: me, my dad,
another fellow scout, and the scoutís dad. We were able to work together efficiently, alternating
between tasks that were physically challenging and tasks that were a little easier and this allowed
us to spend less time than what would have been needed if we didnít coordinate like this.
                    bolting in wood filling in area


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