Planter Tables for Gardening

Arnav Ubgabe
Troop 132, Fremont

For my Eagle Project I got the opportunity to build four planter tables for Tule Ponds. These planter tables will be used to educate younger children, special needs / handicap individuals, and high school students on how to sieve soil to get rid of rocks, separate waste from compost, pot plants, plant seeds, and re-soil the plants.

   cutting wood and applying copper green to
 cut ends of the wood
laying out the tables

For successfully completing this project I am thankful to my parents, scout masters, and fellow scouts. Scout Masters: Mr. Jim Dalton and Mr. Tim Christman Scouts: Karan Patel, Jainam Patel, Chris Poggensee, Patrick Xiao, Kaushal Vaddadhi, Dhruv Sharma, Nikhil Nagalla, and Davin Dia
                    putting the legs on table finishing the top


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