Installing Door and Shelves in Back Shed 
James Fong
Troop 269, Fremont

         My Eagle project was to renovate the storage shed in the back of Tule Ponds. The shed was in very poor condition when I recieved it. The doors were flimsy, cracked, and had several holes in them due to break in attempts. The storage shelves inside were caving due to the weight and improper support. For my project, I cleared the surrounding area of weeds, replaced the doors, and built a new freestanding shelf with much more storage. The fixing up of this shed was direly needed and will allow the Math Science Nucleus to continue educating young individuals about nature and how we must protect it.
   shed before starting removing vegetation around shed
I would like to thank the scouts of Troop 269 for helping me with my project, as well as Mr. Fong for being the project supervisor. Additionally, I give my thanks to Dr. Blueford for this opportunity and Art Williams for being so accommodating. 
                    putting shelves together putting up new door


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