Creating a portion of the  East Tyson Lagoon Trail
Andrew Tran
Troop 132, Fremont

My eagle project, named Clear Cutting East Tyson Lagoon Trail (South), involved clear-cutting trees to create a trail closer to the lake.  This trail is needed to help clear out the debris and trees to find any invasive species deep within the brush.  A total of fourteen people worked along my project, including me.  No power tools were used during the project.  I split the group up into different groups, one group transporting the wood material that was cleared to a designated area and on group working on clearing the trail.  Luckily, along the trail, there weren't any trees growing on the trail that needed to be uprooted, but rather tree branches that hung extremely close to the trail that needed to be cut down.  Various logs and branches were found on the trail that needed to be removed.  There were multiple weeds and some blackberries found along and around the trail that needed to be taken out.  The final trail was roughly 2.5 meters by 40 meters long.  The trail ended right before the large mass of weeds.

raking limbs

cutting branches

 The list of people who helped were Jonathan Ho, Dennis Huang, Nicolas Seto, Brian Zhou, Phillip Tran, Viren Makhijani, Michael Wong, Robin Zhou, Alan Lin, Stanford Liew, Dan-Dan Zhou, Andrew Kuang, and Albert Sung.

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