Repairing Stairs and
Planting a Tree Canopy

Eric Wei
Troop 468, Fremont


The goal of my Eagle Project was to restore the staircase connecting the BART trail to the seasonal wetlands, as well as landscape the area surrounding the staircase.  First, the staircase was excavated in order to be examined for structural damage, and total of five steps were replaced.  Furthermore, the entire staircase was painted over not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for preventative measures against deterioration.  The nonnative plants around the staircase were also cleared out to make room for native trees.  Finally, the entire area was chipped in order to prevent the outgrowth of invasive weeds.

Area before project started

Clearing  area

The completion of this project will ensure that visitors to Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon will have safe access down to the seasonal wetlands from the BART trail above.  The trees that were planted will eventually grow and create a canopy shading the area.  This project ensures that visitors will have a safe and enjoyable learning experience at Tule Ponds for many years to come.

Repairing stairs and putting down wood chips

Painting stairs

I would like thank the following volunteers for making my Eagle Project a success: Justin Chen, Brian Hsu, Jeffrey Hsu, David Tam, Henry Wang, Lawrence Wang, Grant Wu, Shannon Chang, Deborah Sung, Joshua Ng, Joshua Wong, Wells Santo, Alex Lu, and Ether Lin.  I would also like to thank the following adults for providing their supervision and guidance: Susan Luh, Pauli Hsueh, Jacan Tam, and Jennifer Ng.

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