Creating a Visitor Informational Sign near Educational Building

Nathan Chan
Troop  448 , Fremont

My Eagle Scout Project was to construct a sign for  Ponds at Tyson Lagoon.  Tule Ponds and Tyson Lagoon are an integral part of Fremontís storm water system.  The significance of the pond is that it prevents Fremont from flooding.  Because of this, it is to the interest and the benefit of the community to inform young children about the ecosystem at Tule Ponds.  Creating a sign and placing it at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon will be beneficial because it will inform people about Tule Ponds and its importance.  In addition, this sign will be built so that young elementary school students can easily see all of the information on the sign.  Such a sign will be a helpful tool for Math/Science Nucleus, the group that operates Tyson Lagoon, because they can use the sign as a teaching aid.

Digging the holes on future site

Planning the sign

The first step in this project was to visit the site and to dig the holes for the signís posts.  Then, the posts needed to be installed into the holes.  Overall, it was a rather strenuous job, but the hard part was yet to come.

Putting the roof together

Finishing touches

After digging the holes, the actual sign needed to be built.  We constructed the roof triangle supports and attached the roof boards to them after the triangles were completed.  A few coats of paint later, we were ready to work on the actual sign board.  We constructed pamphlet boxes and letters for the sign.  Then, all that was left before the final project day was putting the glass case onto the board.  The final project day was on site at Tule Ponds and consisted of putting the roof onto the posts and attaching the board to the posts.

This project would not have been possible without the help of many people.  I would like to thank Dale Hardware and Orchard Supply for making material donations.  I would also like to thank Dr. Donna Dare, Mrs. Sue Bremeyer, Ms. Salina, Mr. Al Stepicevich, Mr. Brian Chan, Mr. Ricky Chan, Mr. Tom Chan, Mr. S. C. Chan, Ms. Man Yee Lee Chan, and Mr. Siu King Chan for making monetary donations.  The Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District provided the rest of the funds required to complete this project.  Of course, my volunteers were also a big help in completing this project.  They include: Albert Wu, his dad, Anand Abraham, Mayur Chaudhari, Rajiv Tirulamareddy, Sean Foo, Thomas Liu, Syed Ali, Harrison Chen, Ricky Chan, and my parents.    Thank you everyone for your support in this project.


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