New Trail above Pond B (from Bridge to upper Trail)

Kaushal Vaddadhi
Troop 132, Fremont


For my eagle scout project, we built a trail at Tule Ponds. There were a lot of trees and shrubs at the start, so we started pulling all that out and creating a trail extending from the current main trail, if there was a tree or anything large blocking the way we cut it down using a chainsaw. The entire trail is around 50 to 75 feet in length. We cleared a lot of it out on (day 1). We then set logs that we cut down aside to use as borders for the trail. There were also logs provided at the work site itself. The trail was built from pond C to B. I assigned the younger scouts to haul the debris we cut to the bins at the shed. The remaining scouts were split into two groups and started working into the trail. I as a leader was guiding them on where to go and what needed to be cut.

   area before starting making holes for retaining wall
On day 2 of the trail we finished up clearing the entirety of the trail and finished up by pouring mulch on the trail and evening it out. As i did on day 1, I assigned the younger scouts to haul the leftover debris to the shed. After they were done with that, they oversaw moving the mulch to the trail. The older scouts oversaw spreading the mulch around the trail and lining up large logs on the sides of the trail. I played the part of organizing everyone's role so we can finish the trail as efficiently as possible. 
                                       clearing area      spreading wood chips


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