Stairs to BART Trail to

prevent erosion
Orion Olmsted,
Troop 112, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I designed and installed railroad tie steps into a steep trail near the BART trail at the Tule Ponds. This project required three workdays. On the first day, we installed the two main steps which make the trail easier to walk on and prevent young student visitors from slipping after it rains. On the second day, we installed two more railroad ties to help reduce erosion on the adjacent hillside. On the third day, we installed the remaining two railroad ties for erosion control on the hillside.

   area before starting digging out stairs
 I would like to thank my parents, Troop 112, and my friends for helping with my project. Thank you to Evan Huang, Ryan Hashimoto, Marleau Mendoza, Elijah Wong, Dean Stolle, Graham Stolle, Noah Rodriguez, Linden Rodriguez, Anay Wagh, Joseph Morgan, Caleb Koh, Joseph Chong, Mr. Smith, Ms. Mona, and Mr. Olmsted. Without them, I would not have been able to complete this project. Special thanks to Dr. Blueford and Art Williams for giving me this opportunity and guiding me during the project
                                           making stairs level finished touches to stairs


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