Stairs in back Canopy Area (near Station 4)

Nathan Kuriakose
Troop 154, Fremont

What we did: My Project is called the Safety Stairs for Canopy area. My project consisted of clearing vegetation, removal of 3 rotting stairs, installation of 11 new stairs, mulching, and graveling between the stairs, In order to accomplish this project, I had to procure railroad ties from the Niles Railroad company. These ties served as individual stairs for my project. I secured the stairs into the ground using steel rebars and compacting the soil around each stair with a gravel compactor. We had to adjust the 8 foot long railroad ties into 2 sizes. To do this, we cut some of the ties in half to give us stairs of 4 ft and 8ft in length. Overall, we had 6 4ft steps and 5 8ft steps installed in the canopy area.

   leveling railroad ties drilling rebar into ties

Who helped: This project was a complex project which was only successful due to the help of  my volunteers, friends, family, fellow scouts, my scoutmaster and the amazing team of Dr.Blueford and Mr. Art Williams.I worked with my dad and my project coach for taking detailed measurements and planning the project. My dad and my uncle helped transport the railroad ties to the site of the project. Some ties weighed up to 300 pounds so I couldn't have done it without their help. I was also able to borrow power tools from my extended family to prep(cut and drill)  the railroad ties for the project. Scouting volunteers and friends helped with leveling the ground, installing the stairs, securing the stairs into the ground, compacting the ground, clearing vegetation, and mulching. Overall, the project went well thanks to the help and hard work of everyone mentioned above.

                    installing ties compacting gravel


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