Retaining wall to raise trail near Seasonal Wetland

Arnav Aggarwal
Troop 199, Fremont

My Eagle Project was to build a 40-foot retaining wall along a trail and then backfill it with woodchips. On the first workday of the Eagle Project, we cleared the trail to allow for the construction of the retaining wall. We then dug holes for the wood posts using a rope as a guide and then secured them in the ground using cement. On the next workday, we then attached the lumber to the wood posts, using bolts to keep them in place firmly. Transferring the materials for this project, especially the lumber and cement, was quite challenging as the worksite was located far away from any easy to access parking area. After the cement cured and the wood planks were attached, we used wheelbarrows to transfer the wood chips onto the trail and then used rakes to spread it out equally. 


 For this Eagle Project, I would like to thank all the volunteers that helped throughout the project. First, Troop 199 Boy Scouts (Ayush Kansal, Veer Mistry, Mihir Acharya, and Felipe). Last, but definitely not the least, my family members: My parents, my brother Vaibhav Aggarwal, and my aunt and uncle. I would additionally like to thank my project coach, Mr. Henry Allen, and my Troop 199 Scoutmaster, Mr. Matthew Clayson, for guiding me throughout the planning of the project. Finally, I want to thank Dr. Blueford for providing me with this opportunity at Tule Ponds.



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