Removing Blackberry Bushes and Replacing with Trees

Scott Ely
Troop 269, Fremont

This project was to remove 100+ blackberry bushes over a large area in Tule Ponds. These bushes were non-native and were taking over the area. The Boy Scouts of Troop 269 helped to restore the area to its natural state by removing the bushes and planting trees in their place. We planted 4 Buckeyes and 1 Oak. To help keep the trees watered, we terraced in the trees with tree wells which will allow the trees to thrive. Also, we laid down a thick layer of wood chips over the slope to help prevent erosion once the rain comes in the winter months. As a result of doing the project, the scouts also removed much of the garbage that had accumulated over many years, some of which had been there for several decades. 

Non-native Himalayan Blackberries Removal of the berry bushes

I would like to thank all of the scouts and adults who helped me with the completion of this project: Josh Stutzman, Daniel Loy, Patrick Flynn, Bryan O’marah, Bridger Johnson, Joseph Flynn, Nathan Goodwin, John Schinkel, John Paratore, Jason Litwin, Andrew Paratore, Patrick Rodriggs, Tim Rodriggs, and Stephen Jilbert.  Best Trees provided chips for this project.
I would especially like to thank Jared Mitchell, Garrett Woo, Gary Ely, Steve Rodriggs, and Joyce Blueford. This project would not have been possible without all of their help and advice, and I appreciate that they were available to help me whenever I needed.  
After bushes are removed and terracing for trees Removing garbage found in area

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