Trail Expansion and Clearing Non-Natives along BART Trail
Paul Chen
Troop 124, Fremont

For My project I had to expand the Bart trail. This path is on the higher grounds and can be used when the rain floods the drains and the pond. Besides expanding the path, I had to make it a maneuverable and presentable trail. More Specifically, I had to dig out the excess dirt, level out the path, remove all non-native trees, make barriers for one side of the path, and to re-lay the tanbark foundation on the path. Over all, I completed about 120 feet of trail. Now, there are no obstructing trees or objects in the trail, the trail is level, new tanbark is laid, and the path is presentable to the public.

shrubs that will be removed

 overview of trail before project

I would like to thank everyone who came out to help me on the project. Whether there was food for a reward or not, my friends came out to help me voluntarily. Many thanks to some of the RSM which included Angus Chiang, Anthony Wu, Brendan Tsao, Otis Lee, Teddy Fong, and Mike Zheng. I also want to thank my older Brother Caleb who was there helping me when he could be minding his own business. I would especially like to thank my dad for making the job as easy for me as possible, and always there to support me and help me along the way. My last thanks would be to Dr. Blueford. Without her, I would have never been able to complete this project.


completed trail

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