Retaining Wall on back Bart Trail

Rohit Mandel
Troop 154, Fremont

For my eagle project, I created a retaining wall along the path of Tule Ponds. The retaining wall itself spanned 40 feet and is about 1 foot tall in height. The path adjacent to the retaining wall is covered with mulch to make the path more even. The purpose of the retaining wall is to prevent erosion along the path and beautify the path. The retaining wall would also provide safety for younger children traversing the path. I ran into many issues when trying to complete my project. First of all, due to the shortage of lumber, I had to purchase 6 foot long posts and resize them to 3 feet by cutting them. And because there was no electricity source near the area I was creating my project, I had to revise my plan entirely. I was to predrill most of the holes at home and assemble the wall at Tule Ponds. There were also many obstacles that were in the way of the holes that were dug, obstacles in between the retaining wall itself, and some other problems However, with the help of my scouts and volunteers, I was able to overcome all these difficulties and finish the project. Though it had its ups and downs, I very much enjoyed working on this project as it was able to benefit the community and protect the environment. I hope that I will be able to utilize this experience of this project to help me in the future.

    start of project showing the slope

I would like to thank:

●  Dr. Blueford for the opportunity to be able to help my community with my eagle project at Tule Ponds
●  Mr. Mohan for working with me and helping me on my journey for my eagle project
●    Lowe's for the discount on all the materials purchased
●    Cresco Rentals for the tools rented for free
●    Scout volunteers: Akshay and Pranav Gona, Mann Modi, Taran Govindu, Saahith and Saatvik Veeramaneni, Jeet Majumdar
●  Adult volunteers: Mr. Shankar Gona, Mr. Adhir Mandal, Mr. Samir Majudmar, and Mr. Piyush Modi 

Finally, I would like to thank my parents, who, without their support, dedication, and time, I could not have completed my project. 

                       assembling retaining wall completed project