Retaining Wall and Landscaping at Entrance of Tule Ponds

Ananth Mahes
Troop 379, Fremont

          My Eagle Service Project was to create four retaining wall boxes around the utility outlets at the entrance on Walnut Avenue. I began buy purchasing and 4x4 pressure treated fence posts and 2x12 wooden planks. With the help of my friends and troop, the planks were drilled together to outline the shape of the utility box and were lowered into holes in the ground. Then, we cleared the weeds in the area and began filling it up with mulch against the fence-line and around trees. Wood chips were used to fill in the rest of the area. Through my project, I was able to improve the ambiance of Tule Ponds and create an area for children to enjoy safely.  

This project would not have been possible without the support of certain people. I would firstly like to thank everyone who came out on May 5th to help me complete my project. A majority of the workers consisted of members and parents from my troop, Troop 379, and they worked diligently for almost five hours to help me complete my project. I would also like to thank my parents and scoutmaster - Mark Clevenger for supporting my involvement in scouting. Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for giving me the opportunity to help out at Tule Ponds

helpers placing wall clearing area
                               before the retaining walls  retaining wall around water controller
completed area with mulch and wood chips completed area with mulch


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