Short Documentary on Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman,
Troop 273, Fremont


link to  documentary

This project compiled footage of Tule Ponds and interviews about the area's history and functions. We interviewed city officials and volunteers to tell this story while encouraging viewers to join the effort. In making this video, I taught each helper the necessary skills in video production and immediately put their knowledge to use. Helpers assisted in recording the land, along with interviews, using video equipment like Canon EOS R6 and Sony a6000 mirrorless cameras. After our interview with Dr. Blueford, we walked around Tule Ponds and collected footage of the land. While doing so, we stumbled upon another Eagle Project at work by Sattvik Kurani, which appeared in the video. Although it was not planned, we featured it in the video, and it made a good fit. The process of carrying out this project required putting together a basic outline of the video, scheduling dates to film, acquiring that footage, and then outlining again before finally editing the video. Samanyu Singh provided the voice recording and that was overlayed onto the audio track.

I thank the work of scouts and other helpers (Neil Makur, Noah Ricketts, Derek La, Sahan Karunaratne, Samanyu Singh, Sattvik Kurani), along with adults (Ms. Makur, Ms. Trinh, Mr. Bathini, Mr. Madhu). Also, I thank the interviewees: Shambhavi Tyagi and Mr. Weed, along with Dr. Blueford, who helped me get this project started. Also, I would like to thank Ms. Fry for helping me every step of the way as my Eagle Project Coach. This project could not have been done without you.

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