Retaining Wall at

Station 6

Arvind Jayaraman
Troop 153, Fremont

On the first day of the project, we cleaned up the area to get rid of all of the shrubs and other plants where I would build the wall. Then, we started to dig the holes where we would put the posts. This task was especially hard, as we had to change the location of the post from the original design due to a massive rock being there. Our holes were about 2-3 feet deep and we first put a little gravel in the hole, then put the post and used a bag of concrete for each post and mixed it with water. We started the second day by attaching the planks that would form the wall. After we finished, we shoveled gravel onto the site and finished it with a couple layers of tanbark.

clearing vegetation getting equipment ready
Here are the people who helped me: Ansh Gandhi, Sanji Matcha, Venu Matcha, Sagar Davasam, Gopal Sarda, Firat Karakusoglu, Baskar Jayaraman, Kalpana Natarajan
                    putting in retaining wall cementing in posts


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