Building Benches near the Educational Center
by Herman Wong
Troop 273

I led a project at the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon to build four six-foot long benches near the Educational Center. With ample seating, students now have a place to sit before and after tours of the wildlife reserve, and during lunchtime. The benches remove the hassle of constantly moving tables and seats in and out of the Educational Center during field trips.  The project required obtaining the design for the benches, assembling the benches, digging holes and then securing the benches in the holes with cement.

Constructing the benches took a total of 3 days to complete, and a total of 140 hours served by twelve volunteers.

Volunteers: Ivan Hui, Adrian Lee, Ricky Lee, Andy Leung, Gun-Ik Pak, Alfonso Tan, Bill Wong, Henry Wong, Josephine Wong, Mark Wong, Gary Yuen, and Michael Yuen

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