Transplanting Tules from Tule Pond (south) for Restoration on Duck Island, Lake Elizabeth  

by Janren Liu Troop 468

This Eagle Scout  project planted 300 tules on a 65 feet section of the duck island at Lake Elizabeth. The tules were harvested at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon. The pattern of planting the tules was in  2-layer rows. This project is to help prevent further water erosion to the island. The project will help prevent further water erosion to the island and help keep the birds’ habitat. This project will meet the Eagle Scout rank requirement # 5 for a Life scout to demonstrate their leadership by planning and completing a service project that benefits the City of Fremont.

Thanks to the following people who helped my project:

Students – Praveen Velraj, Pranay Kappera, Abhinav Janghala, Justin Hsu, Derek Lee, Gary Tao, Chris Tam, Jonathon Ting, and Kelvin Lu.

Adults – Mr. Peter Liu, Mrs. Amy Liu, Dr. Joyce Blueford, Sandy Ferreira, and Todd Eggert.