Installing Pond in Butterfly Meadow

Tarun Anupindi
Troop 111 , Fremont

My project was to build a tule pond, Our job was to dig out the area starting with clearing plants in the way and just making the ground 'diggable'. We started off with the shovels provided by the beneficiary and spent about a day digging the outline of the pond liner so we can snugly fit it into the ground. Our first project workday involved just clearing the plants and making a significant dent in the ground for the pond site. On the second day of my eagle workday, we set out to finish completely digging the pond liner. One of the biggest challenges I would say was trying to get the perfect level so that the pond wouldn't tip over when water was added. Making minor tweaks and scrapes in the dirt to perfect the pond liner shape was definitely a time consuming task. Our second workday had been completely dedicated to perfectly digging out the pond liner and we were able to do that! There were stones around the project site so we used those and placed them around the pond liner for decoration. On our 3rd and last project workday we improved stability on the pond by placing gravel around the entire area and using it to fill in small crevices around the pond liners border. We also cleared out a few more plants that were around the area. We embedded the stones from the last workday in gravel and the project was officially completed!

   area before starting making holes
Over the past 3 workdays a total of 13 people helped me and they were all from my boy scout troop. We ammassed a total of 72 man hours on the project and the outcome came out great! I want to give my warmest thank you to those who participated in my project and a shout out to those who went to all 3 of my workdays. I'd also like to thank my mom and sister for providing refreshments and snacks to the workers needs. During the workday, the jobs were distributed evenly, we had around 5-6 people working to dig out the pond liner and filling up the wheelbarrows with the dug up dirt, and another 5 to cycle back and forth with emptying the wheelbarrows. On day 3 where there wasn't much involved digging I had it so not as many people showed up as it seemed unnecessary.  We split it up where majority were placing gravel, some were moving back and forth filling the wheelbarrows with gravel and the remaining people were clearing plants and spreading out stray dirt. Everyone worked really hard and I am proud of them all.
digging pond liner in the ground


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